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The maestros Pt. V.G.Jog and Pt. Manilal Nag, in a rare blend of Violin and Sitar, present Ragas Shyam Kalyan, Basant and Bihari in a delightful and subtle treat for the Audiophile of Indian Classical Music.

Raga : Shayam Kalyan ; Aalap- Slow composition in Jhaptal (10 beats) , Drut composition in Teental (16 beats ) Time: 39:10

Shayam Kalyan : Belonging to the Kalyan Thaat, Shayam Kalyan is a audava sampurna raga which utilizes both the shuddh and tivra Ma and excludes Dha in the aroha. Some musicologists believe this raga to be originated from the ragas Hameer, Gaur Sarang and Kedar. This is a night raga and the time of rendering is the first quarter of the night.

Aroha (Ascending): NiSa Re Ma'Pa DhaPa NiSa ; Avaroha (Descending): SaNiDha Ma'PaGaMaRe NiSa

Raga : Basant ( Spring season melody ) ; Ektal ( 12 beats ) ; Time: 15:12

Basant: This is a very melodious raga and creates the mood for spring. It belongs to the Thaat Purvi, and is a shadava sampurna raga in which note Pa is excluded in the Aroha while employing the komal Re, Dha and both the Shuddh and Teevra Ma. The time of rendering is the last quarter of the night.

Aroha (Ascending): SaGa Ma'Dha ReSa ; Avroha (Decending): ReNi DhaPa Ma'GaMa'Dha Ma'GaReSa

Raga : Bihari, Folk Melody (based on ragas Khamaj and Tilak Kamod) ;Tal-Sitarkhani or Adhdha (16 beats) Time:16:09

Folk Melody: This composition is based on the raga Bihari which is a rarely sung raga. It is based on a combination of two ragas: Khamaj and Tilak Kamood.

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