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Hindustani Vocal:
Vocal music lessons in Hindustani classical, semi-classical and voice training are offered by Sanjukta Sen in New York at Queens and Manhattan. Manhattan classes are offered by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, USA.

Sanjukta Sen
Inheriting her musical talent from her father, Sanjukta began her vocal training at the age of nine. Raised in Jaipur, a city with rich heritage of dance and music, she stared her public performance at the age of twelve and won several interstate and all India music competitions and awards.
After obtaining her Hindustani classical vocal music degrees from University of Rajasthan and University of Delhi , Sanjukta continued her intense musical training from Jogmaya Banerjee, an illustrious disciple of the late Tarapada Chakraborty of Kirana Gharana ( school). Currently Sanjukta is receiving her guidance from her illustrious guru Padma Bhushan Smt Giriga Devi of Benaras Gharana, who is not only one of the leading vocalist in the dominant classical genre known as Khayal, but also in the lighter forms of North Indian classical music including Thumri, Dadra, Tappa, Hori,Chaiti and Kajri.

Sanjukta has a rich voice and eloquent style of music rendering and carries with her a diverse treasure of Hindustani classical and light classical music forms. Composer, performer and teacher, Sanjukta has performed in India and the USA as well as appeared in several TV and radio programs in the USA. She is a dedicated music teacher and has been teaching for more than eight years at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, USA as well as at Queens, New York. Sanjukta also owns ‘Mantra Music’, a record company dedicated to produce creative music of world standard and high musical quality. Mantra Music carried several titles of music created by internationally reputed artists and available in all major record stores all over the world. Her powerful voice touches the heart of every listener. She is a devoted musician of high caliber. She offers quality music not only through her performance but also through teaching and music production.

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