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In this CD Pandit Jog has rendered six short compositions of classical and folk melodies. This recording is a delightful blend of ragas.

Raga :Jhinjoti ; Teental (16 beats) ; Time : 13:30

Jhingoti: The beauty of this melodious raga lies in its simplicity. It utilizes all the notes and use komal Ni. This is a supportive raga of the Thaat Khamaj. Elaboration of this raga is normally restricted to the lower and middle octave. The time of rendering is the second quarter of the night.

Aroha (Ascending) : SaReGaMa Pa Dha Ni Sa ; Avaroha (Descending) : SaNiDhaPa MaGaReSa

Raga : Kalawati ; Teental (16 beats) ; Time: 11:24

Kalawati: Raga Kalawati belongs to the Thaat Khamaj.It is a Audava raga and employs komal Ni. the rendering time is midnight.

Aroha: SaGaPaDha NiDhaPa DhaSa ; Avroha: SaNiDhaPa GaPa DhaPa GaSa

Raga : Arabhi ; Teental (16 beats) ; Time: 11:51

Arabhi: This melody has been created by blending ragas Durga and Bilawal.

Raga : Gaur Malhar ; Teental (16 beats) ; Time : 12:14

Gaur Malhar: This is a seasonal raga in which the traditional compositions describe the advent of the rainy season or monsoon. It is a sampurna raga and employes both the komal and Suddha Nis. This raga belongs to either Kafi or Khamaj Thaat based upon two schools of thought: Khayal singers use Suddha Ga and Dhrupad singers use both the Suddha and Komal Gas.

Aroha: Sa Re Ma Pa Dha Sa ; Avroha: SaNiPa MaPaGaMa ReSa

Purbi Dhun ; Kaharwa (8 beats) ; Time : 11:42

Purvi Dhun: This melody has been derived from popular folk tunes of Utter Pradesh in North India. This particular composition is a mixture of several ragas and thus conjures a very special mood and flavor.

Bhairavi Dhun ; Dadra (6 beats) ; Time : 12:26

Bhairavi Dhun: This devotional melody is based on raga Bhairavi. Raga Bhairavi is a sampurna raga. With the exception of Ma, all other notes are komal making this raga very soft and pleasent.

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