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The two young artists, in an enchanting jugalbandi, bring to the fore the flavor of seven ragas spanning the moods of the entire day.

Raga : Ahir Bhairav ; Teental ; Time: 9: 41

Raga Ahir Bhairav: Ahir Bairav belongs to the Bhairav Thaat. Its gati is sampurna and it emplyes komal Re and Ni. The purvang of Ahir Bhairav is of the Bhairav Thaat and the uttarang resembles the Kafi Thaat, thus rendering is a unique blend of these two styles. Ahir Bhairav is a very popular morning raga which invokes an aura of peace and a deeply meditative mood.

Aroha (Ascending) : Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa ; Avaroh( Descending) : Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa

Raga : Madhuvanti ; Jhaptal ; Time : 11:37

Madhuvanti: This raga derives from the Todi Thaat. It is an audava sampurna raga where Re and Dha are excluded in aroha. This raga employs komal Ga and tivra Ma. The rendering time is the third quarter of the day. Rendering of Madhuvanti creates an atmosphere of calmness and peace.

Aroha : NiSa GaMa'Pa NiSa ; Avaroha : SaNiDha Pa Ma' Ga ReSa

Raga : Shudha Sarang ; Teental ; Time : 7: 46

Shudha Sarang: Shudha Sarang belongs to Thaat Kafi. It is a shadava raga in which Ga is excluded, and both the notes of Ma and Ni are utilized. This is an afternoon raga and is believed to conjure up the atmosphere and feeling of summer.

Aroha : SaReMaPa Ma'PaNiSa ; Avaroha : SaNiPaMa' PaDhaPaMaReNiSa

Raga : Bageshree ; Teental ; Time : 7: 54

Bageshree: Bagashree belongs to the Thaat Kafi. According to popular notion, it is a audava sampuna raga employing komal Ga and Ni. Re and Pa are excluded in the aroha while all the notes are used in avaroha. It is a midnight raga.

Aroha : Sa MaGa MaDhaNiSa ; Avaroha : Sa NiDhaMaGa MaGaReSa

Raga : Bheem ; ; Time : 13: 06

Bheem: This raga belongs to the Thaat Khamaj. Occational use of komal Ga distinguishes this raga from the similar raga Gavati.

Aroha : Sa GaMa PaNiSa ; Avaroha : SaReNiSa Dha MaPa Ga MaReNiSa

Raga : Gorakh Kalyan ; Teental ; Time:11: 35

Gorakh Kalyan: Gorakh Kalyan is a shadav raga and belongs to the Khamaj Thaat . It employs note komal Ni while excludeing Ga in aroha and avaroha. It is rendered during the second quarter of the night.

Aroha : Sa Re Ma Dha Ni Dha Sa ; Avaroha : Sa Ni DhaPaMa ReSa

Raga : Hansdhwani ; Addhatal ; Time 7: 29

Hansdhwani: Influenced by Karnatic style, Raga Hansdhwani belongs to the Bilawal Thaat. It is a audava jati raga in which notes Ma and Dha are excluded both in aroha and avaroha. The time of rendering is the first quarter of the night.

Aroha : SaRe GaPaGaRe GaPaNi Sa ; Avaroha : Sa Ni Pa Ga Re Sa


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