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The talented and young flutist from Bombay, accompanied by Tabla genius Pt. Swapan Chaudhuri charms the Indian music lovers with classical and light compositions.

Raga : Hansdhwani ;Tal : Madhyalaya-Rupak, Drut-Teental ; Time: 16:43

Hansdhwani: Influenced by Karnatic style, Raga Hansdhwani belongs to the Bilawal Thaat. It is a audava jati raga in which the notes Ma and Dha are excluded both in aroha and avaroha. The time of rendering is the first quarter of the night.

Aroha (Ascending): SaRe GaPaGaRe GaPaNi Sa ; Avaroha (Descending): Sa Ni Pa Ga Re Sa

Raga : Jog ; Tal : Madhyalya-Jhaptal , Drut-Teental ; Time: 30:56

Tabla- Sankar Prasad Chowdhuri

Jog: Jog is among the very popular ragas. Rendered during the second quarter of the night, raga Jog conveys a variety of moods including love, affection, hope and fear. It belongs to the Kafi Thaat and employs komal Ga and Ni. Audava in nature, it excludes Re and Dha in aroha and avaroha.

Aroha : Sa Ga Ma Pa Ni Sa ; Avaroha : Sa Ni Pa Ma Ga Ga Sa

Thumri : Mishra Kafi ; Time10:47

Mishra Kafi: This a melodious variation of raga Kafi. Kafi is a sampurna raga which employs komal Ga and Ni and is usually rendered at midnihgt.

Dhun : Bhatiyali ; Time: 6:48

Bhatiyali: This is based on the popular folk tunes sung by the boatmen of Bengal. This particular genre of folk music has been incorporated in many light compositions and it evokes the pain associated with 'Viraha' or separation.

Bhajan : Payoji Maine ; 4:23

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