Rishi Vani
elestial Vedic Hymns & Verses
Rendered by
Sanjukta Sen

(A 20 page booklet is included)



Track List

01. Introduction Dr. P. Jayaraman
02. Ganapati Salutation
03. Poornamadah
04. Bhadram Karnebhih
05. Sam Gacchadhvam (Social Unity)
06. Madhu Vata Rutayate (Path to Happiness)
07. Sham No Mitra ( Shanti Mantra)
08. Mitrasya Maa (Universal Friendship)
09. Ann Brahmeti (Food is Brahman)
10. Sahana Vavatu (Continue Together)
11. Dyauh Shaantih ( Universal Peace)
12. Shiksha Valli
13. Mantram Pushpum
14. Nirvana Shatkam Composed by Sanjukta Sen
15. Rudra Astakam - Composed by Sanjukta Sen

3:50 min
1:41 min
1:28 min
1:04 min
1:52 min
1:35 min
1:35 min
1:05 min
1:16 min
1:10 min
1:36 min
4:24 min
3:32 min
6:13 min
10:40 min


Rishi Vani, Celestial Vedic Hymns & Verses , is the musical offering of the selected hymns from the ancient Vedic scriptures.
These hymns convey the basic principles of unity, coexistence, brotherhood, well-being of the universe and all-round peace.
It also contains 'Nirvana Shatkam' (six verses on renunciation) of Adi Sankaracharya, the foremost 8th century philosopher
of India. Also it has Rudraashtakam (eight shlokas on Rudra i.e. Lord Shiva), which forms part of Uttara Kaanda of
Ramcharit Maanas by the saint poet Tulasidas of the medieval period. This challenging project was accomplished by unvarying
inspiration and scholarly guidance of Dr. P. Jayaraman, a great scholar of Sanskrit, philosophy, and Indian scriptures,
such as Upanishad and Bhagavadgita. Pandit Ramesh Misra musically ornamented Rishi Vani.

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