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Folk based melodies from India
Music: Ramesh Misra

MMCD 104



Music represents the magnificence of our creative spirit and expresses itself through the compositions of an artist . Musical expressions are universal in its appeal and it brings out those human sentiments in which words have lost its way. The universal language of instrumental music has given the leverage of improvisation, within a framework, for Indian as well as western instrumental music.

A team of talented musicians from Calcutta, gathered in a New York studio and recorded these unique music compositions under the leadership of the renowned sarangi player Pandit Ramesh Misra. These musical tracks are based on Indian folk and classical music.

  1. Rain in the Desert- Based on raga Mand which is derived from folk tradition of Rajasthan. It invokes feeling of separation and subsequent comeback. 8:13min
  2. Call of the Innocence - A folk tune from Uttar Pradesh ( northern state of India ). 4:37min
  3. Echoes of the valley-Assam folk tune. 8:17min
  4. The Return-Composition on Sarangi and acoustic guitar. It expresses the pathos of loneliness and the happiness of the heart as it returns home. 12:13min
  5. Lavni- Folk tune from Maharastra. 5:19min
  6. Mist in the Mountain - Himachal folk music. 5:54min
  7. Dhamaka- Rhythmic composition based on Indian folk tunes. 15:26min


Ramesh Misra- Sarangi Rocket Mondal- Acoustic guitar & Bass guitar Babua Lodh- Dholak & Indian percussion
Ameresh Paul- Bass guitar Sandip Bhaumic- Keyboard Mayuk Bhowmik- Tabla
Subhash Mandal- Keyboard Gopen Deb Sarkar- Drums & Octopad

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