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Pandit Birju Maharaj
Bhajan, Thumri, Dadra

The inner essence of an artistic expression always remains the same no matter in which form it is. In a life time of complete dedication and devotion, Pandit Birju creatively sought sublime and spiritual meanings of the bhavas and rasas of Indian art and aesthetics in the dance form of Kathak. Time carried his emotions and rhythms to yet another form of creative expression-Poetry and devotional singing. For him it is another way of offering his salutations to the Eternal One.


1. Bhaj le re man- Bhajan; raga:Bhairavi; taal:Kaharwa - Composition: Pt. Birju Magaraj - 4:56
2. Mohe chedo na-Thumri; raga:Basant Hindol; taal:Teental - Comosition: Pt .Birju Maharaj -7:38
3. Shyam murat man bhaye-Bhajan; raga: Malhar; taal:Teental - Composition: Pt Birju Maharaj -5:23
4. Shayam bina sakhi-Bhajan ; raga: Bhairavi; taal: Kaharwa - Composition: traditional -7:24
5.Re man krishna nam- Bhajan ; raga: Marwa; taal: Teental -Composition: traditional -5:22
6.Jage ho kahin rain- Thumri ; raga: Bhairavi ; taal: Teental - Composition: Bindadin Maharaj-7:08
7. Dhae gaho, dhae gaho-Thumri; raga:Sarang; taal:Teenta; - Composition:Bindadin Maharaj -7:41
8. Aise Ram- Bhajan; raga:Badahansa; taal:Roopak - Composition: Bindadin Maharaj-5:05